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ABB Brand ACS560 General Purpose Drive


Empowering effortless productivity.

Engineered for general purpose applications, ABB’s all-compatible ACS560 drive is simple to select and easy to commission drive. With easy-to-use features like icon based display, energy optimizer, load analyzer and built-in application macros along with capability to operate in harsh environments.

With many key specifications built-in to the drive, ACS560 makes it an apt solution for wide range of industrial segments such as Plastic, Food and Beverage, Textile, Life science and many other general-purpose applications in industries.

As part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio, the ACS560 offers a broad selection of drives and services, thus simplifying install base management. The offering keeps on evolving, delivering more flexibility to meet your application needs.

Select a right drive with suitable service offerings to meet your business and environmental goals, and also achieve faster return on investment.

The ACS560 is plug-in ready to control your pumps, fans, mixers, and any other variable and basic constant torque applications.


  • Wide availability and support.
  • All essential features built into the drive.
  • Intuitive icon-based basic panel as part of standard delivery.
  • Energy efficiency features.
  • Built-in macros for application specific requirement for faster commissioning.
  • Connect to any automation system with a single parameter.
  • Engineered as ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio.


  • Wide power range upto 160kW.
  • Coated circuit boards, colour coded I/O terminals, SIL3, PLe3 certified Safe Torque Off (STO) complying to environmental and safety needs.
  • Ultra-fast commissioning with short cut menu icons without touching full parameter list.
  • Built-in energy saving features such as energy optimizer and load analyzer.
  • Built-in macros for many general-purpose applications such as fan, pump, mixer.
  • Built-in Modbus RTU with one click configuration for quick PLC connectivity and auto configurable fieldbus modules.
  • Built-in EMC filters and DC choke for reduced network pollution for all range of load and longer cable lengths.

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