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ABB Brand Thermal Overload Relay TA25DU-0.63M


ABB TA25DU-0.63M (0.4-0.63A) Thermal Overload Relay: a state-of-the-art electromechanical protector for your primary circuit. Crafted with precision, this relay is your motor’s safeguard against overloads or potential phase failures, ensuring uninterrupted performance. Notably, it boasts a trip class of 10A.

Its design incorporates several advanced features: temperature adaptation, a trip contact (NC), and a signaling contact (NO). Users can choose between automatic or manual reset options. Plus, its trip-free mechanism, combined with STOP and Test functionalities, enhances its efficiency. For seamless integration, this relay can be directly connected to block contactors. Additionally, individual mounting kits can be procured as an accessory for added convenience.

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