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HK Instruments Brand Differential pressure gauge DPG


The DPG is a standard pressure gauge for measuring overpressure and differential pressure.

The DPG series differential pressure gauges are engineered for HVAC/R applications. The DPG series devices detect air and non-corrosive gas pressures (differential and positive) and provide a clear analog display of the measured values. The DPG series devices include field adjustable zero point calibration and overpressure protection.



Accuracy (from FS): < ±2 % (DPG60 < ±4 % ; DPG100 < ±3 %)
Operating temperature: -5…+60 °C
Zero point adjustment screw external in the plastic cover
Mounting surface mounting or flush mounting
Mounting position vertical
Measuring air flow special flow scales available separately, easy to install on site


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